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Flood Insurance in Houston, TX

In the United States, flood damage is an ever-increasing problem, with more than $2 billion in property damage every year. In fact, you more than four times more likely to experience a flood over a fire. Changing weather patterns, increased urban development, and the leveling of forests have reduced the land's natural ability to absorb water. As flooding becomes a common occurrence, property owners need to face the facts: we all live in a flood zone. Fortunately, we're here to help with quality flood insurance in Houston, TX.

Not Covered by Your Home Policy of Federal Assistance

Many property owners are unaware that their home insurance policy does not cover flood or mudslide damage. Additionally, federal assistance is difficult to obtain as most floods don't qualify for disaster aid. Only floods that have been deemed a national disaster are eligible to receive federal assistance. When this assistance is provided, it is in the form of a grant averaging less than $2,500 or a federal loan that must be repaid with interest on top of your existing mortgage loans.

Flood Damage

Flood Insurance Puts You in Control

Rising waters and debris can destroy your home, business, and personal belongings within minutes. And without help from your home policy or the federal government, these costs come from your pocket. Fortunately, we offer inexpensive flood insurance policies that let you be in control of what happens after a flood. Don't wait for disaster to strike—contact us  today to set up your flood policy.